This collection has made women of all ages and of every origin fall in love. It has launched a truly new style in jewelry – a combination of classic taste and modern minimalism. 

      The design conveys a hint of vintage in its look – soft and asymmetrical. At the same time, the innovative cut and the density of the colors of the black jade, green agate and mother of pearl follow a more essential trend. The choice of stones is uncommon in the world of classic jewelry and the concave cut of both the jade and the mother of pearl is even more unusual. Each stone in the collection is cut by hand in a re-interpretation of traditional craftsmanship that produces unprecedented shapes. Just like a custom-tailored garment, the gold is hand wrought to adhere perfectly to the stones, which aren’t set into the piece until the last step of production.

      The softness of the shapes and the distinctiveness of the stones have come together to create a truly new style that, from Roberto Coin’s atelier has gone out and conquered the world.

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