“I love all precious stones, each one for several features. But I can’t love any other as much as I love the diamond”


    The diamond is considered the precious stone par excellence, an icon for its value, but also for emotion, light and beauty; a special gift offered by nature, unique for its appeal and rarity.

    The stories told in the movies, just like in the pages of the classics and in our own diaries identify the diamond as a symbol of a promise for life and an outstanding love, beyond the ordinary.

    These are the concepts that, Roberto Coin started from in his tireless research for something new and perfect, to forge an extraordinary diamond of revolutionary shape and eternal soul.

    Thanks to years of research and collaborations with the best experts in the world, the Cento Diamond presents an innovation in the cut. For the first time this precious stone comes with 100 different facets instead of the usual 57 and, for the first time, it reveals a light that follows a path of refraction with a kaleidoscope effect, much longer, more hypnotic and fascinating.

    For his Cento Collection, Roberto Coin selects the diamonds with the greatest quality and beauty, one by one following not only the international standard parameters but also throughout a personal and sensitive eye, able to recognize The stone that will become the absolute masterpiece of nature and love.


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