Roman Barocco is the newest arrival to the Barocco line, which also includes the New Barocco collection.

    All of the collections in the Barocco line share a primary characteristic – the twisted thread detail that constitutes most of the jewelry’s design.

    Roman Barocco finds its distinguishing feature in its inspiration, which comes from the architecture of the city of Rome. The jewels are majestic and regal, far from the lightness of New Barocco, with an intense chiaroscuro effect that evokes the façades of the palaces of Rome.

    The chiaroscuro effect is created by the diamonds that are manually set, using the same invisible claw technique found in New Barocco. In fact, the diamonds in Roman Barocco also seem to float freely among the woven gold threads, shining at their brightest.

    The woven threads that have come to characterize the entire Barocco line are a technological re-interpretation of a manual technique used in the 1930s, produced using a special 3D machine that ensures maximum durability and perfection.

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