The New Barocco line is the evolution of the historical Barocco collection, which was the first to launch what has become the iconic twisted gold thread detail. The collection now includes New Barocco and Roman Barocco. 

      The jewels of New Barocco are the most delicate in the collection with their light, supple design. Diamonds or paisley elements illuminate soft waves that give the pieces a vaguely arabesque look. 

      The twisted gold thread that makes up most of the inside of the design is the re-interpretation of an antique technique of the 1930s. What was made by hand in the 1930s is produced in these pieces by a special 3D machine that makes the twine perfect and solid at every twist. That’s not to say that the hands of the artisans don’t contribute to this collection. In fact, the second characteristic of New Barocco and present in Roman Barocco as well, is manual setting. The diamonds are mounted by hand in a special way that hides the claws. This way, the diamonds seem to be floating freely between the golden threads and can shine their brightest, giving a magical touch to the jewels. 

      The bracelet has a double click safety clasp, to insure maximum security and solidity.

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