The façades of the palaces look like precious garments, uniforms that each building wears, shoulders back and head up, for as long as possible, in a sort of never-ending fashion show. 
    The Doge’s Palace is Roberto Coin’s absolute favorite. It was the muse for the family of Princess collections as well as for this one, which was inspired by the geometric shapes on its façade. 
    Together with the four-petal flower, the star feature of Princess Flower, this chiaroscuro geometric decoration made of marble and stone, is the quintessence of Gothic architecture in Venice. 
    In the pieces of the collection, the chiaroscuro is created using black and white diamonds with polished and brushed gold. As a whole, the collection is quite simple but Roberto Coin has embellished every detail with a frame of twisted gold thread. The combination of this simplicity with a wealth of details gives each piece in the collection a majestic aura.

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