The ageless polka-dot trend has relinquished its traditional romanticism in favor of a decidedly edgier, unconventional style that is expressed in three different looks. 

    The first version of Pois Moi that came out in 2013 still has the most radical look. The metal is treated like a quilted fabric and the rings and bracelets are shaped like the 1960s Brionvega television sets. Just one year later, in 2014 at the Andrea Palladio International Jewelry Awards, the Pois Moi collection won recognition as the best Italian collection in the world. 

    On the wave of such an important success, Roberto Coin created the second edition of Pois Moi, the most luxurious. Every piece is covered in a pave of diamonds in a celebration of the opulent style of the divas of the 30s. 

    In these first two versions, Roberto Coin took a variety of inspirations from the past and re-interpreted them to create a decidedly modern look. 
    The inspiration for the latest edition of the collection, created in 2018, came from far, far away. In its third edition, Pois Moi Luna, Roberto Coin has captured the fashion world’s attraction for the retro-futuristic trend.

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