The Animalier line was first created in the 80s and ever since, a creative process that is both elaborate and exciting has brought each new animal jewel home to the teeming, golden kingdom that this collection represents. 
    The painstaking study of the animals’ anatomical characteristics makes the jewels in the Animalier collection a symbol of nature’s perfection - miniature sculptures modeled by the masterful hands of Italian artisans. Details that seem fluid to the eye actually hide complex structures that give lifelike elasticity to the feathers and scales that are covered in a wild mantle of precious stones.
    Over the years, the animals of the real world in the collection have been joined by imaginary creatures - animals inspired by oriental legends or by children’s fables. Today, in Roberto Coin’s atelier, there is a veritable animal kingdom wrapped in a magical charm where no one would be surprised to see a dragon flying through the air above the chatter of dozens of colorful parrots and the silence of the ocean’s depths.

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