This is how our family story into jewelry business started

Sergio Vaggi was born in 1915 in Florence.

Really soon he matured a true passion and interest for jewelry universe, which head him between two different schools in Florence and Milan to improve his knowledge about it.

He become a real talented jewel and silver engraver, and right before World War II his dedication and his finest tecnique awarded him twice as:

Best Jewelry Engraver” of Italy.

Despite all the difficulties of the World War period, in 1957 he started working as an artisan for the well known “Barocchi Jewelry” on Ponte Vecchio.


1 Ottobre 1965 - S.VAGGI & FIGLI - Ponte Vecchio 20r 

He fulfilled his purest dream and opened his own jewelry boutique on the prestigious Ponte Vecchio 20r where he started working immediately with his sister-in-law Anna Maria Fanfani.


Following his footsteps as second generation for this family business, Roberto, Andrea and Roberta Vaggi came to the boutique to join the passion for jewels and started to learn more about it working side by side with their father.


14 Marzo 1987S.VAGGI& FIGLI Ponte Vecchio 2/6r

During the italian “Golden Age” period the hard work as jewellers was beign repaid with a great success. Thanks to the enormous appreciation of the clients we got the chance to inaugurate another boutique on Ponte Vecchio.

Nothing better than the iconic three floors building on Ponte Vecchio 2/6r, full of traditions with his silver showroom, jewelry shop and a working jewelry school on the last floor.



The long friendship with Gianmaria Buccellati gave us the honor and privilege to combine our locals with Gianmaria’s wish to open his first Buccellati Boutique in Florence, which later proudly became the first and unique worldwide independant Buccellati Boutique.


This expertise and interest continue to grow and pass through generations, where you can find Francesca, Matteo and Lorenzo, more than 50 years from the beginning, continue offering a unique selection of modern, antique and estate jewelry, exquisite Florentine craftsmanship and hand-made pieces. 

Alongside our elegant selection of fine jewelry, we are official retailer for prestigious Italian brands such as Roberto Coin, Nanis and Gabriella Rivalta also many others jewels produced by the finest Italian jewels artisans.