Due to the extremely hard global situations, the price of the gold is increasing everyday, one of our first goal was always to get our customers satisfied and give them the best prices we could. For those reasons, in order to be able to continue to offer to our customers the best experience, we've decided to take off from our website all the jewels selled by weight. Unfortunally we couldn't know when these pieces will come back. We hope really soon. Thank you for your comprehension and we are here to help for any doubt or question.

S.Vaggi Jewellers


    In every woman's heart there is a diva ready to shine. DIVA collection, designed with craftsmanship and made of 18kt gold and diamonds, celebrates this inner beauty, drawing inspiration from the glamorous icons of the past and the seductive power within every woman. Each piece of jewelry is a tribute to your uniqueness, your strength, and to the audacity to be yourself

    Capable of embodying a mix of elegance, confidence and charm, divas are a timeless source of inspiration. However, you don’t have to be a celebrity to feel like a diva. It is the feeling of how special, unique and important we are that makes us so. With these pieces of jewelry, we want to celebrate the amazing soul that shines in each of you

    In this collection, our iconic boule has been reinterpreted with originality and savoir-faire, becoming more tapered without losing its signature sinuosity and softness. Moreover, the iconic hand-engraved finishing alternates with the polished one, giving life to these jewels with timeless charm. 

    Celebrate the eternal diva within you with these jewels and get ready to shine on any occasion!

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