In northern Spain, there is a region in the middle of the woods made of small, ancient towns that surround their capital, Pamplona, a land of bulls and of great bloodlines of warriors. The name of this region is Navarre and it was the source of inspiration for Roberto Coin’s collection of the same name.  
    The pieces reinterpret the coat of arms of the ancient Kingdom of Navarre, made of 16 chains in a sunburst pattern dominated by a great, glorious crown.  
    The rigorous, majestic design borders on regal austerity. The chains that dominate the jewels are solid in the bracelets and rings of the collection and movable in the earrings and necklaces. The jewels may be inspired by the past but they have an extremely modern, powerful look. It’s precisely because they’re free of contrived details that they are forcefully essential. 
    We could say that Navarra is dedicated to the women who hold a particularly combative soul, but the truth is that these jewels are perfect for every woman who wants to live her life as her own very precious and personal legend.

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