Unusual and mysterious places, unconventional destinations are waiting for you: are you ready? Only your instinct, your curiosity… and the new Nanis TERRE LONTANE collection will guide you.

    Precious talismans made of aquamarinegreen and orange aventurine and moonstone, and inspired by surprising locations, borderlands, where the absolute majesty of Nature meets the human desire for discovery and adventure.

    Laura Bicego, the eclectic Nanis designer, as always added to these jewels creativitycontemporary taste and extreme versatility. The pendants in the collection, made of 18kt golddiamonds and natural stones and available in three sizes, are in fact paired with silk-colored laces that can be used both as necklaces and bracelets. However, for a more classic touch, they can be used together with fine gold chains decorated with a natural stone bead.

    In this collection you’ll also find our iconic Ciliegine earrings, reinterpreted in a casual and colorful way, available individually or as a pair, to let your build your own style. Last but not least, beautiful rings complete the collection, available in different sizes and with unique colors.

    Let yourself be seduced by these jewels and by their secret and universal language: they will lead you right to your inner travelling soul.

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